Friday, June 10, 2011

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  1. Ah Kate...I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the image of a diver "wrestling" with an anaconda! In the early fifties, we (extended family) owned several properties in the Fort Myers, FL area...and drove south every winter for holiday vacations. For years there was an "alligator wrestling" show near Ocala...great for kids, long before Disney. One spring there were new signs advertising "the hero" wrestling with a "deadly anaconda". We were nearby the day it was first to happen, so we had to go. After a few preliminary alligator tussles (which we won easily by the hero), the four guys carried a sleeping anaconda to the center of the pool...excitement building...the hero approaches the beast...nothing happens...the huge snake could care less...minutes go by...the crowd is restless...then in a flash, the snake whips three quick coils around the hero...the match is on!!! but quickly it becomes obvious that the hero can't breathe with the constriction and he's drowning! Four guys rush out, pry the anaconda away, and the hero splashes out of the pool screaming and cursing. To my knowledge, that particular hero never approached that anaconda ever again...he stuck to alligators. Love the photo, rekindling a memory from long ago.