Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happiest of New Years To You

Now, this is my idea of a perfect New Year's outfit, call me unconventional (but I've never been a big New Year's person anyhow)..I'd like to be wearing this, and it be 76 degrees (yes, 76...can handle a tank, can handle a jacket) outside, and a beach within walking outdoor party in the palms, white bulbs strung up, running from the generator lost in the bushes somewhere.  A throwback to Dries's traditional batiks.  I'll take Tahiti again, where we watched that half marathon that runs circles around the island, some finishing after dark, the trees lining the road lit up with those small white globe lights, generators running, a sound that reminds me of island life.
Happy New Year to everyone, here's to a great, prosperous, and adventurous one.
Let's accomplish everything we've been dreaming of

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Goodnight *

Because I had a very bad case of the giggles tonight, so hard I was wheezing the next day...
And because this is kind of clever:

And because I always dream of the perfect bed

For dear R

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

For Karl

Because it's winter here and summer in Sydney...

Oh well,

Lesley Vance

I was taken by these when I was stuck, trying to determine whether or not they were sculptures of  sliced and highly polished wood, and perhaps stone (malachite, agate?), or... in fact, just paint.  Great paintings, great color, by LA artist, Lesley Vance.

Something new

Thomas Point Lighthouse, the Chesapeake