Saturday, April 16, 2011

P1800 Volvo

Spotted by my pal, Julia Leach- designer of Chance Co. clothing and lifestyle brand, and someone with whom I perpetually share the same taste and who's company I continue to enjoy in and out of business:
P1800 Volvo and in that bronze color no one produces anymore (think my mom had a 2000 BMW in the same shade- she'll follow up with a comment to confirm or not I'm sure...I love you mom).
Here's a little education via Julia: "Introduced in 1960, this was the Swedish company's first sports car, which at first they tried to pass off as an Italian design to gain credibility.  It was, however, designed by a Swede named Pelle Pettersson, who also designed yachts and sailed professionally."....So aha, that's why we like it..

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  1. My BMW was a '74 or '76 model 2002 in a very similar color but more coppery. I loved that car and sold it in SF when I was pregnant with you...and moving to Germany. A rare bird... that beamer. But I got another rare and unique bird when I had you. It was a good trade-off.